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School lunches, for too many children across our nation, count as their main meal, and in some cases their only meal. The National School Lunch Program, originally intended to direct farm surplus to school cafeterias to feed America’s hungry kids, has morphed into a $22 billion business. Yes, $22 billion. It’s no longer the small farmer with surplus vegetables, beef or poultry. Instead, today, it’s big agra with major government contracts feeding our children and our inmates; and making huge profits at every turn. And, yes, you read that correctly: our children, in many cases, are eating the same foods as prisoners. These days, it’s powerful lobbyists mandating school lunch guidelines and influencing which companies are on the list of approved processors from which institutional service providers must procure. The result: too much politics, big corporate profits, institutional processing companies and lowest-common-denominator food for our kids.

Say no to institutional service providers, and yes to pristine food they’ll love…

So, No Fuss Lunch took matters into our own hands. School lunch is not that complicated. We believe ALL children deserve a school lunch that’s both healthy and tastes great. We believe kids inspire other kids, and if given the opportunity, can influence one another to try new, healthy food. We believe kid-friendly food can be prepared in a way that kids will eat. We believe a school lunch should provide nutrient-dense calories, and be free of pesticides and toxins. We believe kids won’t miss the taste of those pesticides and toxins, but will be healthier as a result. We believe in teaching kids healthy eating habits at a young age, so they’ll make healthy choices for a lifetime.

These are the important points we consider every day when we go to work making healthy lunches for our children — and yours. No politics, no subsidies, no lobbyists, just Moms and Dads making decisions based on what’s healthy and what kids will eat. After all, there’s no nutrition in a lunch that goes uneaten. And, yes, No Fuss Lunch is a for-profit company. We don’t pretend otherwise; but there’s a right way to prepare and serve kids nutritional, healthy lunches cost effectively, and we do that.

School lunch need not be that complicated. Join our crusade and together let’s stop the apathy surrounding school lunch.

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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

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